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Increasing awareness of the environment and climate change has meant that there is a greater movement in making processes environmentally responsible and using resources which are renewable. At Johnston Press we are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and our commitment is applied to every project from start to finish.

We source paper with the highest environmental credentials.  These include paper that is 100% post consumer waste recycled through to alternative fibre stock. All paper off cuts are stringently recycled.

Machinery is air cleaned wherever possible and water soluble cleaning agents are used to reduce the amount of chemicals needed in our factory. The use of computer to plate technology eliminates the need for film and its developing chemicals while all sealants used are water based.

Vegetable inks which are biodegradable are used in our printing processes, specifically soya bean oil as opposed to mineral oil. The use of vegetable inks has significantly reduced our VOC's - Volatile Organic Compounds – into the atmosphere. VOC's are a major source of ozone pollution and are a potential  health hazard to our staff.

When the factory is not in use, all computers  are shut down and every light is turned off. No electricity is left running unnecessarily.
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