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10.9.2014 printing
Top Printing Tip #1
Tip 1: Preparing images for print. Set your preferences
In the Adobe Colour Preferences (Edit > Color Settings) in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, set your RGB working colour space to Adobe RGB and the CMYK working colour space to Coated FOGRA39.

21.9.2014 Digital printing auckland
Top Printing Tip #2
Tip 2: Freeware fonts are readily available for download all over the Internet. Some of these fonts can contains restrictions the prohibit PDF creation and printing–something you may not find out until you’ve finished designing your job

14.10.2014 printers-auckland
Helping Our Clients Win Awards
2014 Best Awards Gold Winner 
Congratulations to Coffee Supreme they won a Gold Award for Coffee Soda Gift Pack, with a little help with the printing from Johnston Press
. [read more]

29.10.2014 printing-New Zealand
A look inside a paper mill
Check out the video a look inside the mill...
How many of you have had an in-depth look or tour inside of a paper mill? Most haven't. Check out the video for a in-depth look. Pretty amazing just the sheer size of the paper rolls before they slitter and re-winder. [read more]

30.4.2015 printing-auckland
Take a Look Inside Johnston Press
One of our Clients James Loft created this amazing video.
James Loft get a lot of comments about their printed stationary so they decided to shoot a video of the printing process and we are the stars.

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